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Whether you're starting your business for the first time or are a seasoned pro, we have training solutions to help you take things to the next level-via the quickest, easiest and most profitable path.

Profit Phoenix has been a gamechanger. I wasted a lot of time and money with other platforms, but when I focused purely on what I learnt via PP my results reached another level. It has transformed not just my business but my life for me and my family. I've just left work and have never been so excited about the future!

John Hoang
6-Figure Seller

I joined Profit Phoenix during its first year. The training was concise, clear and always available. As a result, I built a 7 figure company that has transformed my life. I now have employees who manage my business and report to me daily. I on the other hand focus on things I enjoy in life!

Ismael Abdela
7-Figure Seller

Free Courses
Amazon SEO Crash Course: How to rank on page 1

Learn the 3 core pillars of how Amazon ranking works today and how you can use them to your advantage to execute campaigns that put your products at the top and leave your competitors in the dust.

Amazon ABC: How to launch an Amazon business

Heard about how amazing selling on Amazon is but not sure how to get started? This free training course will walk you through all the steps on how it all works.

Paid Courses
RankBrain Training Academy

RankBrain is a cutting-edge new software and 3 week online program with the sole goal of creating a profitable method that you can rely on to rank on page 1 of Amazon for any product (regardless of how competitive) in as short of time as possible with step by step proven methods DIRECTLY taught by Profit Phoenix CEO Ridwan Mahmood. You will also learn the secrets to amassing tonnes of reviews in a way that is ethical and efficient.

Profit Phoenix University

Build a wildly profitable Amazon selling business and have us guide you through every step! With almost $100 million dollars in customer results, we know what it takes to make it on Amazon. Profit Phoenix University will take you from "A to Z", giving you the precise "blueprint" and help you to execute it. In this 5 week step by step training course you will gain full clarity and direction on every step to take. You'll be given the precise formulas, action steps and strategies that you need to become successful in one easy to follow program.